Friday, August 14, 2009

Barcode Software Update: TBarCode V9.3.0

As of today an update of the TBarCode Barcode SDK (including a Barcode ActiveX, Barcode DLL and .NET Barcode Assembly) is available. It fixes some problems and provides several improvements:

  • GS1 Data Matrix: Fixed FNC1 encoding bug (see V9.2.2).
  • BCGetBarcodeHeight(..) returned incorrect value with rotation of 270°.
  • TBarCode .NET: ByteData property (encoding of binary data) produced an error.
  • TBarCode .NET: Licensing problems caused by incorrect product enumeration IDs (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Improved error message for incorrect user provided check digits.
  • Improved description of the Data Matrix enumeration values (TBarCode Library Reference).

Download TBarCode V9.3.0 Update

Thursday, August 6, 2009

TFORMer 6.0 With Service Pack 1 Out Now

TEC-IT just released Service Pack 1 of the barcode label and reporting software TFORMer.

New Functions

  • User Interface
    Modernized user interface style to comply with actual standards.
    Option dialog was reworked.
  • Data View
    Added “Hide Unused Fields“ option.
  • Image Printer
    Fixed a crash that occurred with clipped bar codes (bar code position outside of page bounds). Fixed ignored JPEG compression option.
  • HTML Printer
    Fixed transparent color (some components always used “white“ as transparent color).
  • Configuration (TFORMer.xml)
    Added bar code “drawing-mode“ option for Windows printers.
  • Update Dialog
    Added online check for updates (Internet connection required).

Improvements for Developers

  • Report Generator SDK
    Renamed TFORMer Runtime to TFORMer SDK. TFORMer SDK is now available through a separate MSI setup!
  • Thread Safety
    Fixed a thread safety issue on startup (internal font initializing).
  • C/C++ Runtimes
    Changed dependencies: TFORMer SDK now requires VisualStudio 2008 Redistributables.
  • Java Wrapper
    Fixed several threading and memory issues
Click here for the Service Pack 1 Download!
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