Sunday, August 29, 2010

Software for Printing Shipping Labels: VDA, AIAG, GS1, Caterpillar, ...

Labeling Software Update

The recently updated barcode label printing and reporting software TFORMer Designer offers numerous templates for standard industry labels. These label templates eliminate label design efforts completely, they can be printed immediately with data provided by the user.

TFORMer Designer solves labeling requirements in an elegant way, just watch the following videos and learn in 90 seconds how easy compliance labeling can be:

HD-Video / English

HD-Video / German

Supported Label Templates (Partial)

  • AIAG B10 Master Label
  • AIAG B10 Mixed Label
  • AIAG B15 5 Inch Label
  • AIAG B15 7 Inch
  • AIAG B3 
  • AIAG B5 
  • AIAG Daimler Chrysler B10 Freightliner
  • AIAG Daimler Chrysler B10 Master
  • AIAG Daimler Chrysler B10 Mixed Load
  • AIAG Daimler Chrysler B10
  • Galia Label
  • Galia Galia Licence Plate
  • Galia Galia Renault
  • General Motors GM 1724 A
  • General Motors GM 1724 A KLT
  • General Motors GM 1724 B
  • General Motors GM 1724 C
  • General Motors GM GTL
  • General Motors GM GTL KLT
  • Global Transport Label GM GTL
  • Global Transport Label  GM GTL KLT
  • Global Transport Label  GTL BeloM
  • Global Transport Label  GTL BeloM A6
  • Global Transport Label  GTL BeloM KLT
  • Global Transport Label  GTL Master Detail
  • Global Transport Label  GTL Mixed Detail
  • MAT Datamatrix Label 100x40
  • MAT Datamatrix Label 110x40
  • MAT Datamatrix Label 120x60
  • MAT Datamatrix Label 70x48
  • MAT PDF417 Label 100x40
  • MAT PDF417 Label 120x60
  • MAT PDF417 Label 50x30
  • Odette Label
  • Siemens VDO Label
  • VDA Belom 4902 KLT
  • VDA Belom 4902
  • VDA 4902 
  • VDA 4902 KLT
  • VDA 4902 Stahl
  • VDA 4902 Version 3 4
  • VDA 4902 Version 4
  • VDA 4906
  • VDA 4912 
  • VDA 4922
  • VDA 4931
  • VDA 4939 Sendungsbeleg
  • VDA 4939 Transportbeleg
  • VDA 4994
  • GS1 Logistic Label Non standard heterogeneous
  • GS1 Logistic Label Non standard homogenous fixed
  • GS1 Logistic Label Non standard homogenous variable
  • GS1 Logistic Label Standard heterogeneous
  • GS1 Logistic Label Standard homogenous fixed
  • GS1 Logistic Label Standard homogenous one piece
  • GS1 Logistic Label Standard homogenous variabel
  • MIL-STD-129P MSL Generic Cargo
  • MIL-STD-129P MSL Unit Move
  • Caterpillar Master Pack Label
  • Caterpillar Mixed Load Label
  • Caterpillar Single Pack Label
  • Volkswagen VW GTL DE
  • Volkswagen VW VDA 4939 Sendungsbeleg
  • Volkswagen VW VDA 4939 Transportbeleg
  • etc

Free Download and Support

Test TFORMer Designer for free, download the demo version today (no registration required). In case of questions contact TEC-IT, support is available via email, phone and WebEx remote conferencing.
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