Scan-IT to Office - NEW VERSION

The Smart Data Acquisition Solution Scan-IT to Office is a capable alternative to conventional mobile data collection devices and wireless barcode scanners. The app transmits mobile collected data in real-time to target applications - completely independent of their location. The collected data is immediately available for further processing. Scan-IT to Office  combines simple configuration with flexibility and covers an entire range of functions: from plain barcode scanning up to tracking and inventory applications with database connectivity . What's New? This update offers the following features: Inventory and Asset Management Added ready-to-use forms for inventory/stocktaking with automated quantity management (Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets). Check-In/Check-Out Added ready-to-use forms for attendee tracking and check-in/check-out (Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets). Bi-Directional Communication Added the capability to send data from a

How to Create Swiss QR Codes for QR-Bills: Video

Image - TEC-IT published a new video demonstrating how users can create Swiss QR Codes online , without registration and free of charge. The Swiss QR Codes are created according to the standard of the Swiss financial industry for machine-readable QR bills.  QR-BILL OVERVIEW  A QR-bill contains the following information:  a receipt (the counterpart to the payment slips used in the past)  and a payment part with information about the amount to be paid, sender and recipient of the payment, as well as information on the reason for the payment.  In a QR-bill (French QR-facture, Italian QR-fattura, English QR-bill, German QR-Rechnung), the information of the payment part is specified as text and as a machine-readable Swiss QR code. A Swiss QR code differs visually from usual QR codes by a Swiss cross logo (dimensions 7 mm x 7 mm) in the center.  More information is available in the YouTube video Swiss QR Code Generator für QR-Rechnungen : Use the online Swiss QR Code generator

End-To-End Encryption and OCR for Scan-IT to Office

With the long-awaited version 4,  Scan-IT to Office  is ready for the next level of data acquisition: This mobile data collection and barcode scanning solution now supports  end-to-end encryption  and  text recognition (OCR) . Maximum Privacy and Security End-to-end encryption ensures that data captured remotely is sent and received securely. Only you (or persons you entitle by pairing) will be able to view and access data collected with your devices. Even TEC-IT as developer of the system has no possibility to decrypt your information. End-to-End encryption is enabled by default, no additional configuration is required. The app indicates an active end-to-end encryption by displaying a connection state icon with an additional lock symbol. OCR Support Reduces Typing The text field form now supports text recognition (OCR) via camera. The integrated text scanner converts camera images to text within seconds and makes typewriting obsolete. Latin-based text in pictures is detected

New Beta: Office Add-In with Swiss QR Code

TEC-IT's comprehensive  barcode add-in for easy bar-code creation in Microsoft® Word and Excel®  reaches the next level. The new BETA for version 11 of this helpful tool introduces support for  Swiss QR-Code  2.0 and other barcode technologies like DotCode or Royal Mail postal barcodes. Additional performance and user interface improvements complete the new release. What's New? Swiss QR Code 2.0 V11 supports Swiss QR Code 2.0 based on Swiss Payment Standards 2019. New 2D Barcodes DotCode Rev. 4.0, Han Xin Code, Data Matrix DRME, PPN Code and NTIN Code New Postal Codes Royal Mail Mailmark® 2D, Royal Mail 4-State Mailmark™ and USPS Intelligent Mail Package Simplified User Interface The already intuitive user interface has been further improved. The advanced barcode settings are now accessible more easily. Improved Stability The serial letter function has been revised to improve performance. Upward Compatibility Barcodes created as EMF image with the previous version (st

Online Label Printing Portal Enhancements

TEC-IT's  Online Label Generator  has been recently updated. This online label printing solution allows you to  generate industry standard labels with your own data  in seconds. The focus of this update was on improving the user interface: New Upload Form In addition to selecting the desired data file, the new form allows you to adjust the upload settings. Direct Printing You can now print the labels directly from within the settings view. Just try the Online Label Generator for free ! In case of questions, please  contact us .

End-To-End Encryption for Scan-IT to Office - BETA

We increase  privacy and security  for our mobile data collection and barcode scanning solution  Scan-IT to Office . Thus, we will soon switch to a system utilizing  end-to-end encryption . End-to-end encryption ensures that data collected or scanned remotely is transmitted with maximum privacy. Only you (or persons you entitle by pairing) will be able to view and access data collected with your devices. Even TEC-IT as developer of the system has no possibility to intercept your information. In order to prepare for a smooth transition, we invite users to  install the new beta version of the Scan-IT to Office app for Android :  Test Scan-IT to Office V4 beta . Using this beta, you  benefit immediately from an enhanced user-interface and stability improvements . Please note that end-to-end encryption will not be activated until all components of the Scan-IT to Office system are updated, we will do this within the next few weeks. We invite you to give it a try and please  share

TEC-IT is There For You # COVID-19

Important information for our visitors and customers! Due to the current situation, we would like to inform you that  the entire TEC-IT team is available for you . Even if our employees are now working at home,  we can be contacted as usual  by phone ([+43] (0) 7252/72 720) or email ( , ). This situation is also new for us, so we ask you to be lenient about slightly increased response times or other minor issues. Since we know that many of our existing customers now need licenses to use TEC-IT software on private computers,  we issue temporary licenses for free  if necessary. These temporary licenses are available for existing customers and are valid until May 31, 2020. Re-licensing or uninstalling of the original license is not necessary, the simultaneous use of private and corporate licenses is of course possible. Just contact us via the  web-form . We hope this message is helpful and thank you for your understanding!