Friday, July 30, 2010

Barcode Label Printing Software - New TFORMer Version

Barcode label printing and reporting software TFORMer Designer - Service Pack 2 is available! SP2 integrates a huge number of enhancements, feature updates and bug fixes - download the release candidates! 

Label Software TFORMer Designer - English
Label Software TFORMer Designer - German

Update - July 2013

TFORMer was updated in July 2013. For details on the new version please refer to the article New High-Grade Barcode Label Software - TFORMer V7.5 Overview.

Whats New?

New Compliance Label Templates

  • Caterpillar® Shipping/Parts Identification Labels
  • Includes templates for Single Pack Label, Master Pack Label and Mixed Load Label as specified by Caterpillar® (Shipping/Parts Identification Label Standard Practice 20 – Version 3.0).
  • MAT Labels
  • New MAT label templates. These labels are used in the automotive industry and are based on the Siemens VDO label according to SN 525228-2. MAT labels complements existing VDA 4902, Odette and GTL labels.
  • 2D-Code Business Cards
  • New templates for QR-code business cards (meCard, vCard and URL barcodes) were added.

New Features

  • New Start Screen
  • The new start screen offers quick access to often used TFORMer functions.
  • New Label Wizard
  • Creation of new label layouts and selection of label-templates was reworked. TFORMer now differentiates between labels for laser/ink-jet printer or for thermo printers. A search function simplifies locating predefined label templates.
  • Serial Numbers
  • Serial numbers are now supported directly. If required, serials are stored automatically to ensure continuous numbering between TFORMer sessions.
  • Computed Fields
  • Computed fields offer a convenient and centralized method for performing computations.
  • TAB support
  • TAB stops may now be used in text elements.
  • Edit Field Contents
  • Editing field contents was improved. The new dialog provides an easy way to enter field names, expressions or formatted text.
  • Print Preview
  • The print preview now displays the margins of labels automatically. In addition, labels for thermal printers are displayed in their adjusted size.
  • Data Sources
  • Creating data sources was improved. The data source wizard now supports field assignments (source-fields to data-fields) in a better way.
  • Date Functions
  • Date and time computations are now better supported by the following new functions:
    • CDateEx()
    • Converts a string into a date. The conversion format to be used is adjustable.
    • IsDate()
    • Checks if a given string can be converted into a valid date using the specified conversion format.
    • AddYears()
    • Adds or subtracts the specified number of years to/from a date value.
    • AddMonths()
    • Adds or subtracts the specified number of years to/from a date value.
    • AddWeeks()
    • Adds or subtracts the specified number of years to/from a date value.
    • AddDays()
    • Adds or subtracts the specified number of years to/from a date value.
    • CDate()
    • Hint - This function now returns an empty date instead of the current system date if a conversion was not possible.
  • Improved Layout Editor
  • The layout designer now provides better visual feedback for various design tasks.
  • Mass Printing - Print Dialog
  • The maximum page number in the print dialog was increased from 9999 to 999999.
  • Bar Codes
  • Additional bar codes like QR Code 2005 are supported. The bar code printing method via Windows printer drivers is now adjustable. Rare problems with the high-precision method (used by previous TFORMer version) can now be avoided (see Extras->Options->Barcodes).
  • ODBC Memo/Text Fields
  • ODBC Interface now supports Memo and Text Fields. BLOBs are still ignored.
  • Picture Components: Image-Type recognition
  • If the Image-Type can not be determined by using the file extension, the binary data of the image is now analyzed. This allows the usage of HTTP-streams as image sources.
  • Setup: Backup of custom templates
  • Existing templates are now backed up in the folder Templates_Backup during the install. Custom templates are preserved after a reinstall.
  • Improved Licensing
  • TFORMer Designer can now be activated online.

TFORMer SDK (core)

  • Improved Error Descriptions
  • The error messages for problems in conjunction with image-download via http:/https: were improved.
  • ZPL Printer
  • When printing ZPL directly to a printer the printer name is now correctly used.
  • Tray-Selection
  • As documented, the first band printed on a page now specifies the printer tray to be used.


  • Printer Selection in Tray-Settings Dialog
  • Printer selection will now work under Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
  • JPEG Compression
  • PDF output now correctly uses the option JPEG-Quality.
  • PDF output truncates text
  • If a text field used several trailing spaces, the output was truncated or missing.
  • PDF with Chinese fonts
  • Better support for localized font names like SimSun or SimHei.
  • ODBC Memo/Text/Blob Datafields
  • Under some circumstances Memo, Text or Blob fields in SQL select statements caused a crash (ODBC driver dependant).
  • Image-Printer: Distorted Text
  • Some fonts caused a distorted output for small font-sizes (e.g. font Calibri pt12)
  • Expression Editor
  • The call-tip in the expression editor now shows correct tips if "(", "," or ")" is used in the expression. Sample: Iif (Find ( Datafield_1, "(" ,0)>0, "Found", "Not Found")
  • Other Bug Fixes
  • Crash with Undo, crash when switching data sources, correct handling of the HTML entity & in formatted text elements, problems with network printers and tray selection, correct handling of duplicate source field names, ...

Your Feedback Please!

Feedback and feature requests are welcome:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

How to Print Barcode Labels with Microsoft Word

Printing labels with Microsoft Word 2007 /Microsoft Word 2010/Microsoft Word 2013 is easy. All you have to do is to select the label template, adjust the recipient list (the database used for the variable label data) and to design the layout.

But if you want to print bar-code labels it may get a little bit trickier. Earlier versions of Microsoft Word (pre 2007) offered bar-code support for POSTNET and FIM codes. But even this limited barcode printing feature was removed by Microsoft.

To overcome this restriction TEC-IT developed a professional but easy-to-use bar-code solution for Microsoft Word. The barcode add-in TBarCode Office integrates into the Word user interface and provides seamless bar-code printing services.

The initial release of this barcode add-in supported simple barcode documents and mail merge with barcodes. The pre-release available for download on this blog offers barcode label printing support in addition. Mail merge documents using the «Next Record» rule can now be printed without problems.

Check it out for yourself  - pre-release download the release! TBarCode Office - Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word (last updated 03/19/2014)

Feedback is highly welcome!