Friday, July 30, 2010

Barcode Label Printing Software - New TFORMer Version

Barcode label printing and reporting software TFORMer Designer - Service Pack 2 is available! SP2 integrates a huge number of enhancements, feature updates and bug fixes - download the release candidates! 

Label Software TFORMer Designer - English
Label Software TFORMer Designer - German

Update - July 2013

TFORMer was updated in July 2013. For details on the new version please refer to the article New High-Grade Barcode Label Software - TFORMer V7.5 Overview.

Whats New?

New Compliance Label Templates

  • Caterpillar® Shipping/Parts Identification Labels
  • Includes templates for Single Pack Label, Master Pack Label and Mixed Load Label as specified by Caterpillar® (Shipping/Parts Identification Label Standard Practice 20 – Version 3.0).
  • MAT Labels
  • New MAT label templates. These labels are used in the automotive industry and are based on the Siemens VDO label according to SN 525228-2. MAT labels complements existing VDA 4902, Odette and GTL labels.
  • 2D-Code Business Cards
  • New templates for QR-code business cards (meCard, vCard and URL barcodes) were added.

New Features

  • New Start Screen
  • The new start screen offers quick access to often used TFORMer functions.
  • New Label Wizard
  • Creation of new label layouts and selection of label-templates was reworked. TFORMer now differentiates between labels for laser/ink-jet printer or for thermo printers. A search function simplifies locating predefined label templates.
  • Serial Numbers
  • Serial numbers are now supported directly. If required, serials are stored automatically to ensure continuous numbering between TFORMer sessions.
  • Computed Fields
  • Computed fields offer a convenient and centralized method for performing computations.
  • TAB support
  • TAB stops may now be used in text elements.
  • Edit Field Contents
  • Editing field contents was improved. The new dialog provides an easy way to enter field names, expressions or formatted text.
  • Print Preview
  • The print preview now displays the margins of labels automatically. In addition, labels for thermal printers are displayed in their adjusted size.
  • Data Sources
  • Creating data sources was improved. The data source wizard now supports field assignments (source-fields to data-fields) in a better way.
  • Date Functions
  • Date and time computations are now better supported by the following new functions:
    • CDateEx()
    • Converts a string into a date. The conversion format to be used is adjustable.
    • IsDate()
    • Checks if a given string can be converted into a valid date using the specified conversion format.
    • AddYears()
    • Adds or subtracts the specified number of years to/from a date value.
    • AddMonths()
    • Adds or subtracts the specified number of years to/from a date value.
    • AddWeeks()
    • Adds or subtracts the specified number of years to/from a date value.
    • AddDays()
    • Adds or subtracts the specified number of years to/from a date value.
    • CDate()
    • Hint - This function now returns an empty date instead of the current system date if a conversion was not possible.
  • Improved Layout Editor
  • The layout designer now provides better visual feedback for various design tasks.
  • Mass Printing - Print Dialog
  • The maximum page number in the print dialog was increased from 9999 to 999999.
  • Bar Codes
  • Additional bar codes like QR Code 2005 are supported. The bar code printing method via Windows printer drivers is now adjustable. Rare problems with the high-precision method (used by previous TFORMer version) can now be avoided (see Extras->Options->Barcodes).
  • ODBC Memo/Text Fields
  • ODBC Interface now supports Memo and Text Fields. BLOBs are still ignored.
  • Picture Components: Image-Type recognition
  • If the Image-Type can not be determined by using the file extension, the binary data of the image is now analyzed. This allows the usage of HTTP-streams as image sources.
  • Setup: Backup of custom templates
  • Existing templates are now backed up in the folder Templates_Backup during the install. Custom templates are preserved after a reinstall.
  • Improved Licensing
  • TFORMer Designer can now be activated online.

TFORMer SDK (core)

  • Improved Error Descriptions
  • The error messages for problems in conjunction with image-download via http:/https: were improved.
  • ZPL Printer
  • When printing ZPL directly to a printer the printer name is now correctly used.
  • Tray-Selection
  • As documented, the first band printed on a page now specifies the printer tray to be used.


  • Printer Selection in Tray-Settings Dialog
  • Printer selection will now work under Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
  • JPEG Compression
  • PDF output now correctly uses the option JPEG-Quality.
  • PDF output truncates text
  • If a text field used several trailing spaces, the output was truncated or missing.
  • PDF with Chinese fonts
  • Better support for localized font names like SimSun or SimHei.
  • ODBC Memo/Text/Blob Datafields
  • Under some circumstances Memo, Text or Blob fields in SQL select statements caused a crash (ODBC driver dependant).
  • Image-Printer: Distorted Text
  • Some fonts caused a distorted output for small font-sizes (e.g. font Calibri pt12)
  • Expression Editor
  • The call-tip in the expression editor now shows correct tips if "(", "," or ")" is used in the expression. Sample: Iif (Find ( Datafield_1, "(" ,0)>0, "Found", "Not Found")
  • Other Bug Fixes
  • Crash with Undo, crash when switching data sources, correct handling of the HTML entity & in formatted text elements, problems with network printers and tray selection, correct handling of duplicate source field names, ...

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