Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Micro QRCode

We are especially proud of the product TBarCode. Due to it's advanced features this bar code generator SDK is in use in countless applications and systems worldwide. One of the highlights of TBarCode is the complete bar-code support. TBarCode generates and prints virtually all linear, 2D and GS1 bar codes in common use.

The upcoming version 9 of TBarCode adds (beside various extensions, bug-fixes and improvements) again some new bar code symbologies. But I'll point out a new 2D barcode symbology added to V9 which is named Micro QR-Code.

The support of Micro QRCode was implemented because of customer requests. The "mother" symbology is named QRCode and is supported by TBarCode since years. QRCode is currently used in industrial applications (mainly in Asia, Japan) and for mobile tagging.

Micro QRCode is a variant of QRCode and focuses on encoding a small amount of characters in a very restricted space.

Below you can see a comparison between Micro QRCode and QRCode. Both symbols encode the same string "TEC-IT":

Micro QR Code

QR Code

Release candidates of TBarCode V9 are already available - if you are interested just let us know (get in touch with us via

Please let us some weeks before the new version of TBarCode will be online. In addition it is planned to add Micro QRCode to TEC-IT's online barcode generator.

P.S.: If you are interested in a currently unsupported bar code symbology - just let us know. We will hear your voice!