Saturday, November 8, 2008

Software Wedge - Data Acquisition Software

Beside barcode, labeling and reporting software TEC-IT offers software tools for data acquisition. One of these tools is named TWedge - a software wedge.

The main purpose of such a software wedge (also named keyboard wedge) is to transform data read from an external device (connected via RS232, RS485, serial, COM, USB, Bluetooth or TCP/IP) into keyboard strokes. These keyboard strokes are then be forwarded to arbitrary applications. Using such middleware it is possible to automate data acquisition tasks - even with software applications which are not able to communicate with devices directly (e.g. like using a serial barcode scanner with Microsoft Excel).

The existing version of TWedge fulfills its main purpose perfectly. Serial data is captured and forwarded to applications. But customers often require powerful possibilities for adjusting and modifying data prior it is forwarded to a target application.

The solution to this problem? Scripting!

The new version of TWedge supports JavaScript(tm). Thus customers are able to do more or less everything with TWedge. Received data can be transformed, modified, checked and adjusted. But the most interesting point is, that TEC-IT extended JavaScript with direct database and file access. In other words: the upcoming version of TWedge enables users to store data directly into ODBC databases and files. It is also possible to implement complex application logic in JavaScript.

If interested just contact TEC-IT. A release candidate is available for testing!