Monday, March 2, 2009

Free Online Label Printing

Are you working in the automotive industry? Maybe in the area of supply chain logistics? If yes - chances are high that you are in the need for printing barcode labels like VDA 4902 Warenanhänger, Odette, Galia and AIAG labels.

For all other readers I'll describe how to print QR-Code business cards for private use in a future post.

Free Online Application for Barcode Label Printing!

This online label generator provides pre-defined label templates. You are not forced to design a label, start immediately with one of the available templates instead. 

The generated labels are perfectly suitable for production use - no demo restrictions whatsoever are applied.

Especially for low-volume label printing or for testing purposes this free online application is valuable. No additional software is needed, just select the required label and you are finished.

For those looking for custom labels TEC-IT also offers a solution. Download the demo of TFORMer Designer (TEC-IT's barcode label printing software), design your label and upload the templates to Ready.

This online label generator is:
1) free for testing purposes (please contact TEC-IT for production use or high-volume printing)
2) not limited to industry labels
3) available as a web-service for portal integration