Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Barcode and RFID Wedge / Software Wedge: TWedge V2.1

As of today TEC-IT released a new version of the data acquisition software TWedge.

TWedge is a smart data collection tool which is in use as barcode wedge, software wedge, keyboard wedge, serial wedge, scale wedge, etc. Just choose the name you prefer :-).
V2.1 introduces:
  • User Input Functionality: The new function 'InputBox' allows a user to enter data in real-time (validation is optional).
  • Clipboard Access Functions: The clipboard functions "CopyToClipboard" and "GetFromClipboard" were introduced. These functions are useful for larger amounts of data, where a simulation of keystrokes is not feasible or too slow.
  • Multiple Control Strings: Now it is possible to send a combination of key constants and modifier keys using the '+' character' (e.g.: "{CTRL+f}" or "{CTRL+SHIFT+h}"). Multiple modifier keys can be now processed through multiple control string.
  • Improved User Interface (GUI): Toolbar and application icons were redesigned.
Product descriptions and downloads are available here: Software Wedge TWedge V2.1.