Thursday, April 30, 2009

Barcode Label and Reporting Software: TFORMer 6.0 Release Candidate

Here it is - the release candidate of TFORMer 6.0!

TFORMer is an advanced Barcode Label Software and Reporting Software. Two components are part of each download:
  • TFORMer Designer: A visual layout designer for labels and reports with instant data entry, instant printing, live preview, multiple data sources and export capabilities (PDF, HTML, PostScript, images, ZPL-II).
  • TFORMer Runtime: A SDK for integrating versatile output and reporting functions in your own applications. This reporting SDK is available with COM, DLL, NET and JAVA APIs.

As promised in a previous post here are the download links:
TFORMer installs on Windows 2000 or higher (Vista and Windows 7 are supported!), any feedback is welcome - just let us know.
TEC-IT wish you nice holidays!