Monday, May 18, 2009

Barcode Studio V9.3 RC is available!

A new release (V9.3) of the barcode creator software Barcode Studio will be available to the public in a few days. This release introduces the following enhancements and bug fixes:
  • TIFF preview in EPS files
  • PDF Export - Fixed the problem with auto-resizing PDF files.
  • Data List Export - File extension is now always adapted to the chosen image type.
  • Mac OS X - Option All Files in the File Open Dialog
  • Mac OS X - CMYK colors can now be adjusted
As usual the release candidates are available exclusively to readers of this blog:
  • MAC OS X: Barcode Studio V9.3
  • Microsoft Windows: Barcode Studio V9.3
  • Linux: available on request!

Update: Barcode Studio V9.3 was released on 05-26-2009.

Existing customers of Barcode Studio V9.0, V9.1 or V9.2 can update to this version free of charge. All license keys are still valid.