Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reporting Software - The Release Candidate is Coming!

I would like to announce a new version of TEC-IT's barcode label and reporting software TFORMer.

What is New in V6.0.1?

  • Brushed up User-Interface
    We updated the development environment to Visual Studio 2008. Thus, the features of the new Microsoft Foundation Classes are integrated into the report designer wherever it makes sense. And yes - it looks (& feels) good ;-)
  • Splitted Setup
    TFORMer consists of TFORMer Designer (a visual layout editor with instant label and form printing functions) and a reporting SDK which is named TFORMer Runtime. We introduced separated setups in order to reduce the download size of the package.
  • Update Checker
    TFORMer Designer now offers a function to detect the availability of a software update. You can trigger the update-check manually (Help menu).
  • Bug Fixes
    Finally, some major and minor bugs were fixed: among them are a multi-threading problem in the report generator SDK, improved image compression for PDF output, improved JAVA interface, etc..
Check out this blog for the download. Most likely the release candidate V6.0.1 will be available next week. I attached a screen-shot as teaser, it shows TFORMer Designer with the German user interface.