Monday, February 1, 2010

Software for Mobile Data Acquisition

TEC-IT released the new version of TWedgeCE - a software wedge for mobile devices.

What is TWedgeCE?

Windows CE Software WedgeTWedgeCE captures data from external devices and translates them into virtual keystrokes. It acts as middleware between arbitrary data acquisition devices (like scales, gauges, barcode scanners, RFID controllers, etc.) and software applications like Pocket Excel or Mobile Internet Explorer. TWedgeCE operates in the background of the mobile device and can be configured easily via simple configuration files.


Version 2.0 is able to work with devices via the following interfaces:
  • Serial / RS232
  • Bluetooth (native Bluetooth, no virtual COM ports required!)
  • TCP/IP (client mode)
  • TCP(IP (server mode)
  • UDP (client mode)
TWedgeCE is able to check device connectivity (I-Am-Alive), it recovers lost connections automatically (this is especially of interest for WLAN or Bluetooth connections) and finally introduces an anti-jitter feature.


Windows Mobile Software WedgeThe mobile software wedge is available for the following platforms:
  • Pocket PC 2003 SE (Second Edition)
  • Windows CE 5 / Embedded CE 6 (ARMV4I)
  • Windows Mobile 5
  • Windows Mobile 6

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Also check out the universal data acquisition software TWedge for Windows operating systems. TWedge offers device connectivity, keystroke simulation, direct database access, direct file access and complete scripting features!

Free Download:

Mobile Software Wedge TWedgeCE, Universal Software Wedge TWedge (for Microsoft Windows)