Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Mobile Data Acquisition Software from TEC-IT

Press Release

TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH ( released the new version of its data acquisition software for mobile devices.

The new release of TWedgeCE simplifies mobile data acquisition significantly. This software wedge provides application-independent data collection and data logging features for mobile devices. Once installed and configured, TWedgeCE captures data from arbitrary devices like bar code scanners, readers, RF-ID transponders and ID tags, electronic meters and sensors, balances, scales, weights, gauges and many more.

TWedgeCE forwards the captured device data automatically to target applications by simulating keystrokes. This mobile software wedge extends standard applications like Office Mobile, browser based front-ends and any other system with flexible and affordable data acquisition functionality. There is no need to modify the target applications.

Guenter Kriegl, the CEO of TEC-IT, emphasizes the strengths of TWedgeCE: „The new release of the mobile software wedge offers better interface support. The integration of native Bluetooth and the TCP/UDP server capabilities ensure reliable device connectivity. Besides simple configuration and easy deployment that is exactly what our customers are looking for.“

The new version of TWedgeCE offers unmatched communication capabilities. It collects data from serial (RS232, RS485), USB, TCP/IP, UDP and Bluetooth devices. Network connections may be operated in server- or in client mode. In addition, virtual COM port drivers are no longer required for Bluetooth devices.

On demand, TWedgeCE can be configured to restore lost connections automatically, to send I-am-alive packets, to suppress duplicate data packets and to modify the captured data by applying transformation rules. Numerous automation functions are available: TWedgeCE selects the required input field in the target application automatically, activates or starts applications on demand or simulate function keys based on the captured data.

Programming knowledge is not required for using this software tool. TWedgeCE is installed and configured easily. The complete configuration of TWedgeCE is stored in plain text files; this makes deployment to a large number of mobile devices extremely simple.

The current version of this keyboard software wedge can be downloaded from TEC-IT's Website. TWedgeCE is available for Microsoft Windows CE, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile and Symbol PPT 8800. Other platforms are available on request.