Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bluetooth Data Acquisition with Android

UPDATE: Bluetooth/TCP Reader GetBlue for Android™ 

TEC-IT (http://www.tec-it.com) published version 0.5 of GetBlue!

GetBlue is a smart application which communicates with Bluetooth and TCP/IP devices. The new version supports bi-directional device communication. 

In addition to its simple TELNET like functionality, GetBlue captures serial Bluetooth (SPP/RFCOMMor TCP data, displays it in a log window and forwards the collected data to an arbitrary server application. Data forwarding works even in the background or when changing screen orientation. Manually entered user data or server responses are sent then back to the device. 

All important communication parameters are adjustable: GetBlue can easily be configured to capture Bluetooth barcode data and forward it to a web-application via
  • HTTP GET requests
  • HTTP Post requests
  • Plain TCP sockets 
In addition it can be adjusted whether server responses should be sent back to the device. Using these features GetBlue can be configured for automated data acquisition or working as TCP/Bluetooth proxy. Bi-directional communication scenarios like the following are covered with the free demo version:
  1. The Android device captures barcodes with a Bluetooth barcode scanner 
  2. GetBlue forwards the scanned barcodes to your server application
  3. The server responds - for example - with a status code (like data accepted or data not accepted)
  4. GetBlue sends the server-respone back to the barcode scanner

Give it a try - Android Market Link.

Note: The free demo version replaces forwarded data sometimes with a demo text. All other features are completely unrestricted.

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