Saturday, June 5, 2010

Automated Data Acquisition for Android - Update

TEC-IT ( published version 0.7 of the Android data acquisition app GetBlue!

GetBlue captures device data and saves this data directly to a local file, to a Google Spreadsheet or forwards it to adjustable HTTP/TCP data logging servers. Bi-directional communication is supported, server responses as well as manually entered data can be sent to the connected device.

Currently the following devices are supported:
  • Any Bluetooth device supporting the Serial Port Profile (SPP, RFCOMM),
  • Any TCP/IP device (IP-Address/Port combination), 
  • And new in this version: any installed camera barcode scanner (e.g. the ZXing camera barcode scanner, cyrket market  information
Currently GetBlue is available as freeware - the manual data acquisition functions are available unlimited. Automated data acquisition functionality (like uploading captured data to a TCP data logger) are slightly restricted. All data collection parameters are adjustable by the user via the Settings dialog. The data-source,  the target server, various data capturing parameters like time-outs, retries, data packet size, etc. are adjustable.

Android owners are using GetBlue for a variety of functions:
  • Testing app for serial Bluetooth devices
  • Automated data collection
  • Simple TCP debugger
  • Bluetooth tester for Android 1.5/1.6 or higher
TEC-IT continues to enhance and extend the app. Every feedback from users is highly welcome. Check out the current version for yourself: Android Market Link (install it directly from the Android Market using your handset).