Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Barcode Maker Software: Barcode Studio V10

The new version of TEC-IT Barcode Studio - the popular barcode maker software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux or UNIX - is to be released shortly!

Barcode Studio V10 introduces bar code standard compliance by providing pre-defined barcode templates. If such a barcode template is selected, Barcode Studio loads all settings and presents the user a bar code image which meets all requirements of the respective standard. After the required bar code data was entered the barcode can be saved immediately as bitmap or vector image file. No parameters need to be adjusted, no barcode know how is required.

Currently 45 bar code templates are part of Barcode Studio:
  • Deutsche Post Premiumadress
  • Deutsche Post Pressepost Etikett
  • Deutsche Post Pressepost Randbeschriftung
  • EAN 13 (SC0, SC1, SC2, ..., SC8, SC9)
    SCn denotes the sizing mode of the bar code, EAN 13 SC0 stands for 82% of the default symbol size, the resulting symbol dimension is 30.51 x 21.25 mm
  • EAN 8 (SC0, SC1, SC2, ..., SC8, SC9)
  • UPC A (SC0, SC1, SC2, ..., SC8, SC9)
  • UPC E (SC0, SC1, SC2, ..., SC8, SC9)
Additional improvements:
  • New barcodes
    Barcode Studio now supports QR-Code 2005. This code is similar to QR-Code but uses the code page Latin1 (instead of Japanese Shift JIS) for character conversions. In addition, the two barcode-types SCANPAY Service-ID and SCANPAY Transaction-ID were implemented.
  • Persistent options
    Program options (Menu: Tools -> Options) are now saved in (and loaded from) an options file.
  • Improved Character Conversion
    Barcode Studio displays an error message if the data to be encoded cannot be converted to the specified code page. This is especially useful for encoding Simplified Chinese (or similar languages) in QR-Codes.
  • Check for Updates
    Barcode Studio can now check for newer version. Use the following menu command: Help -> Check for Updates...
Pricing, detailed descriptions and free downloads are available shortly from TEC-IT.