Thursday, August 5, 2010

Online Barcode Generator 2.0

A few days ago TEC-IT published the updated version of the free online bar code generator. The user interface was revised completely and support for complex MECARD/VCARD business card barcodes as well as calendar barcodes was added.

This online barcode generator provides a very fast and responsive user interface utilizing some AJAX features. TBarCode SDK (a barcode generator software component developed and distributed by TEC-IT) is used on server-side for all barcode creation tasks.

Users are able to browse a list of supported barcode categories. Currently the categories linear barcodes, 2D bar codes, EAN / UPC, GS1 DataBar, ISBN bar codes, Postal codes, 2D codes for mobile tagging, MECARD and VCARD barcodes and calendar barcodes are available.

After selecting the required barcode symbology the barcode image is displayed immediately. Barcode parameters like module width and output resolution are adjustable. The created bar code images can be downloaded in various image formats.

The above mentioned MECARD and VCARD barcodes provide some very interesting possibilties: These 2D barcode formats are able to encode all contact details of a business card (e.g. name, address,  phone number, url, ...). When scanned with a smart-phone camera scanner (e.g. iPhone or Android devices) the contact details are detected and added to the  address book.

Finally so-called calendar barcodes (event barcodes) can be created online. Just enter the details of some event (description, start and end time), create the barcode, scan it with your smartphone - and voilá - a new calender entry is available (works fine with ZXing camera scanner on Android).

Just try it yourself: 2D Bar Code Generator