Wednesday, September 29, 2010

GetBlue Bluetooth SPP Problems: Android Troubleshooting

Bluetooth SPP Data Acquisition

GetBlue is an Android App which captures data from a data-source (Bluetooth SPP, TCP and Camera Scanners) and forwards the collected data to an adjustable data-sink (TCP, HTTP, File, Display, Online Spreadheets provided by Google Docs, GetBlue virtual keyboard). Data collection is done completely in the background.

Bluetooth SPP Connection Problems

Recently some users reported problems when using Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile) devices with GetBlue: A Bluetooth SPP device can be paired without problems but GetBlue is unable to connect to it.

A Possible Solution

In order to avoid the connection problems please do the following in EXACTLY the given order:

a) Disable all GetBlue functions: Set datasink to "None", do NOT use keyboard output and deactivate the GetBlue keyboard in Android settings (required only if previously enabled).
b) Reboot the phone
c) Enable Bluetooth
d) Pair the Bluetooth device with your handset (Android settings)
e) Start GetBlue
f) Adjust datasource - select the device just paired
g) Press start in GetBlue


The reason for this nasty behavior is a buggy Bluetooth implementation in the firmware of the handsets. HTC Desire, HTC Legend, HTC Wildfire, SonyEricson X10, Samsung Galaxy S and possibly more models are affected.
Google G1, G2 and Motorola Milestone work perfectly.

Please let us know your smart-phone model if you are experiencing this bug. We will update the list above accordingly.