Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Web Printing Service for Barcode Labels and Supplier Labeling

New Web-based Label Printing System

TEC-IT introduces a new 100% browser-based printing system for industry forms and barcode labels. Users of TFORMer Online now create and print arbitrary labels and forms completely independent from label printing software or operating systems. Variable label data is entered manually directly in the browser or imported from an online database (Google Gocs™ spreadsheets). Output is created as PDF and can be printed on any printer.

Print Labels Anywhere and Anytime

With TFORMer Online you establish a distributed label printing system easily. Share label printing functionality with partners, suppliers and customers. The system works with all browsers on all operating systems, local software installation is not required and label design efforts are eliminated completely. Ready-to-use label templates for VDA-4902, MAT labels, Odette, Galia ETI-9, AIAG B-10, GS1 GTL, Caterpillar shipping parts identification and others are available for immediate use.

Supports Google Docs™ Online Spreadsheets

It's your choice! Create the labels with manually entered data or import variable label data stored in Google Docs™ spreadsheets. Google Docs™ is a free online service provided by Google. It enables you to maintain spreadsheets completely in your browser and provides convenient table-based data entry. Entered data is stored automatically online, there is no need to re-enter values for future printing sessions. In order to use Google Docs™ as database for TFORMer Online you need a Google account.

Evaluate TFORMer Online Now

Try this new web printing service for free or watch this video for an overview:

TFORMer Online is the perfect online printing solution:
  • for distributed label printing requirements,
  • for establishing a supplier labeling system
  • if standardized label quality must be provided to partners, suppliers and customers,
  • if your printing volume does not justify special purpose software,
  • for eliminating time consuming label design efforts,
  • for automated label and PDF creation as part of your online system (e.g. via web services),
  • and for label printing on all operating systems.
Interested? Please contact TEC-IT for pricing, integration possibilities and guidelines.

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