Monday, January 17, 2011

Barcode Studio Beta Available: Mac/Windows Barcode Maker Software

A fresh beta version of Barcode Studio - the popular barcode maker software was extended with basic barcode label printing features!

NEW: Label Printing

Barcode Studio V11 introduces two main features:
  • Simple barcode label printing
  • Generating barcodes with captions
Both features help you to print simple barcode labels for articles, price tags, inventory labels, etc. within a minute. Just enter or import the data required and print thousands of labels with just a single click. The label printing feature works on all operating systems - Barcode Studio is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX.

Video Preview

Simplified User Interface

In addition the user interface was simplified and provides now 3 main tabs which allows you to:
  • Design a barcode and adjust all required code parameters. In this section you have also the possibility to add captions above and below a barcode.
  • Enter or import data for batch label printing or batch barcode creation
  • A label tab for adjusting the barcode label layout. Just select one of the pre-defined label templates for commercially available adhesive labels or specify your custom label settings.

Free Beta Download

  • Microsoft Windows
    Download the beta version for free (no registration required): Download Barcode Studio for Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS X
    Download Barcode Studio for Mac OS X
After installing the new version you have the possibility to request a free test license online. This test license unlocks Barcode Studio, you can test it for 10 days without limitations. Please note that a commercial usage of the test license is not allowed.

Other Improvements

  • Mil-Support
    Mils can now be entered with improved accuracy.
  • Simplified Menus
    The different export menus were combined into one menu.
  • CMYK Colors
    Mac OS: CMYK color settings are now saved in the settings files (.bc), when the color was entered as CMYK values.
  • Dialog Sizing Problems
    Wrongly sized input dialogs were fixed.
  • Preview in Import Dialog
    The data preview in the import dialog now always shows the actual file content.
  • Lost Cursor Position
    The cursor position in the data edit box was lost after typing the first character. This problem was fixed.
  • Data List: New Data Row in Hex Mode
    New data rows are now added correctly if hexadecimal character input mode is turned on.


Pricing, detailed descriptions and free downloads are available shortly from TEC-IT.