Thursday, February 17, 2011

One-Click Label Printing - 100% Online

What is TFORMer Online?

TFORMer Online is a completely web-based label printing system. Standard industry labels (e.g. VDA, AIAG, GTL, GS1, Odette, Caterpillar Shipping Labels, ...) are generated as high quality PDF-files which can be printed immediately. Variable label data (like descriptions, SSCC, EAN codes, article numbers, etc) is either entered manually directly with the browser or provided via Google Docs spreadsheets.

Available Label Printing Services

TFORMer Online supports three methods for online label printing. Regardless of the method used, you need to validate your email-address. You will receive a confirmation email which contains a passkey.
  1. Single Label Printing

    This variant is the ideal solution for low-volume, ad-hoc label printing. Just enter the label data and generate the corresponding PDF.

  2. One-Click Label Printing

    A single click prints multiple labels with data stored in a Google docs spreadsheet (batch printing). One-click label printing can be embedded into your web-sites easily. For more detail see below.

    IMPORTANT: disable your popup-blocker!

    When using this method, TFORMer Online creates a Google docs spreadsheet and shares it with your Google docs account. You are completely free to edit the label data before printing.
    Please note: The specified email address must be associated with your Google docs account. Your data is safe, TFORMer Online has no access to your Google account - only the spreadsheet is shared with you.

  3. Supplier Labeling

    Use this option to provide your suppliers an affordable centrally hosted label printing system with their individual data (e.g. for printing your company specific shipping labels). By sharing the TFORMer Online account (email address + passkey) with your partners they are immediately able to print labels. The data used for printing is completely under the control of the supplier, the label template is controlled by the owner of the TFORMer Online account.

One-Click Label Printing Parameters

TFORMer Online suggests HTML code for the One-Click Label Printing Button, just visit to retrieve the code for the printing button. The behavior of the button can be parametrized:
  • allowtransparency
    Standard iframe parameter, may be "true" or "false"
  • frameborder="0"
    Standard iframe parameter
  • id="OneClickPrinting"
    Standard iframe parameter, you are free to choose the ID of the button
  • scrolling="no"
    Standard iframe parameter, please do NOT change
  • src=""
    The URL used to control the label generator, the parameters may be changed to meet your needs:
  • labelid=VDA+4902+DE
    The label which should be generated, the name is suggested by TFORMer Online
  • tablename=(1)_Automotive_VDA_4902_(Version_4)_VDA_4902_DE
    The name of the Google docs spreadsheet. This name is suggested by TFORMer Online but you may use every suitable spreadsheet name.
    The email-address used for the TFORMer Online account, this email address must be associated with a Google Docs account.
  • LANG=en
    The language used for the one-click button, the language code is suggested by TFORMer Online.
  • outputtype=pdf
    The output type used for the generated labels, the output type is suggested by TFORMer Online.
  • outputsize=A5|landscape
    The output size (paper format) used for the generated labels, it is suggested by TFORMer Online.
  • result=popup
    The delivery type of the result. You may need to disable pop-up blockers.
  • style="height: 150px; overflow: hidden; width: 300px;"
    The style of the button. You can specify a custom height and width.

Need More Information?

We are glad for any feedback. Just contact us in case of questions or for commercial use.