Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Tag it Easy" - vCard and meCard QR-Codes!

A new version of the barcode creator software Barcode Studio is on the way!

What’s New?

Barcode Studio V11.5 introduces a new data input assistant. This special feature simplifies the creation of 2D codes for mobile tagging and electronic business cards (so-called vCard and meCard barcodes) dramatically.
With Barcode Studio V11.5 you are able to create more than 100 different linear, postal, GS1 and 2D barcode symbologies. The barcodes can be printed on simple labels or exported as bitmap or vector image files. Batch barcode creation with external data is supported.

2D Codes for Mobile Tagging

vCard Data Input Assistant
vCard and meCard QR-codes are used to encode contact details of a business card (like name, address, email, phone-number ...) in a 2D barcode symbol. When scanning such a barcode with a smartphone (camera and suitable scanner software is required of course), the data is automatically entered into the address book of the phone. No manual typing or copy/paste is required.

Try it Yourself - Scan the Code!
vCard and meCard barcodes encode the contact details in a certain format. The new data input assistant of Barcode Studio takes care of the right formatting. In order to create readable barcodes you just enter the contact data (see screen shot) and Barcode Studio creates the correct code. You do not need to know the details.

In addition the above mentioned vCard and meCard codes, Barcode Studio allows you to create 2D codes for mobile tagging applications. Currently supported are barcodes for sending text messages (SMS), phone calls, Twitter tweets, Facebook likes and profiles, LinkedIn contacts and profiles, Wi-Fi access and events (vCalendar). In future versions of Barcode Studio this list will be extended as appropriate.

GS1 DataBar - Application Identifier Support

GS1 Application Identifier Assitant
Users of the GS1 DataBar or GS1-128 barcode symbologies benefit from the data input assistant as well. Barcode Studio provides a searchable list of the available application identifiers (AIs) and ensures that the rules for a correct GS1 barcode are met. Application identifiers are used to designate the encoded data. More than hundred AIs are in common use (e.g. AI 10 designates the LOT number, AI 11 the production date ...). Barcode Studio also takes care to separate multiple AIs in a single barcode with the Function Code 1 (FNC1).


Barcode Studio


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