Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update! Barcode Maker Software for QR-Code vCards and More

vCard Data Import
Check out this post to learn more about the new features of Barcode Studio V11.6.

With Barcode Studio you quickly create high-quality bar code images for pre-press requirements and desktop publishing applications. More than 100 different linear and 2D codes are supported by this software!

The new release focuses on bar-code creation for mobile tagging with vCard and meCard QR codes and provides enhanced label printing features.

Features and Enhancements in Detail

QR-Code vCard Assistant
  • Mobile Tagging
    2D codes for mobile tagging are now using the lowest possible error correction level. This minimizes the size of the generated barcodes.
  • Intelligent Data Import
    It is possible to import predefined data formats for vCard, vCalendar, meCard, etc. in a structured way. This is especially helpful for mass-creation of business card bar-codes.
  • Copy Counter for Label Printing
    The user can specify how many identical copies of a single label should be printed.
    The data assistant now makes it easier to enter codes in ISBN, ISSN, and ISMN format.
  • Pixel Shaving
    For 2D codes like QR-Code or Data Matrix, the pixel shaving algorithm was improved.
  • Appearance
    The appearance of several dialogs was improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Label preview crash was fixed.
  • The check for the bar code sizes was improved.
  • Fixed the wrong display of the number of errors in the data list.

Free Trial with 10 Days Unlimited License

Demo downloads are available for Mac OS X and for Microsoft Windows. Check them out today!
Barcode Studio for Mac OS
Barcode Studio for Microsoft Windows
The above downloads are FINAL releases (as of 07/25/2011) - have fun!

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