Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Powerful Labeling & Reporting Software with only 20MB

TEC-IT releases version 7 of the label printing and reporting suite TFORMer!

Performance and Usability

The new version of this label printing and reporting tool combines unmatched functionality with high performance and small resource requirements. The download size of the complete package is about 20 MB and contains all features, no additional 3rd party software is required.


TFORMer SDK version 7 supports so-called streaming: the required output is generated completely in-memory, no file system access is required. This feature dramatically improves output speed and is especially of interest if TFORMer SDK is used as backend for PDF creation in web services. For an example check out the online QR-Code business card generator of TEC-IT.

New Features

Label Setup Wizard
In addition, TFORMer Designer V7 convinces through enhanced usability.
The software provides a new and easy-to-use page and layout setup wizard. Standard labels or simple reports are created with a few clicks, well-known brand label templates (e.g. Avery®) are available.
Besides German and English, the new version also offers a Spanish user interface.
Rich Text with Super- and Subscript
To meet sophisticated output requirements, V7 also supports super- and sub-scripting as well as adjustable soft-hyphenation for rich text elements. Full-featured bar-code printing capabilities for linear and 2D bar-codes are integrated seamlessly in the product.

Product Download

TFORMer Designer V7 can be downloaded from the company’s website www.tec-it.com. A 10-day test drive is available for free. TEC-IT’s provides tutorial videos on YouTube and is also available for product support via email, phone or remote conferencing at no charge.

About TEC-IT

TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH provides high quality software in the areas of automated data acquisition and data collection, bar-coding, barcode extensions for ERP systems, label and form printing, report generators and output management. TEC-IT products are available for all major platforms, thus customers benefit from complete and versatile software solutions for all possible requirements. The company is located in Austria / Europe and can be reached via www.tec-it.com. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.