Monday, April 15, 2013

FREE QR Code Maker Software for Mac + Windows

Professional Freeware for Making QR Codes

+TEC-IT announces a completely free software tool for creating QR code images. The free app is named QR-Code Studio and is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Countless Applications

QR-Code Red (post-processed)
Post-Processed QR Code
QR codes are bi-dimensional codes that can be scanned with most camera equipped smartphones. Besides industrial applications, QR codes are in widespread use in everyday situations: QR codes can be found on advertisements and in marketing campaigns for linking products to web-sites, in sweepstakes, on electronic business cards to encode contact details, on tickets and vouchers, on the new SEPA money transfer slips or on web-sites to provide faster access to smartphone apps.

It's a Breeze

Using TEC-IT’s freeware QR-Code Studio anyone is able to create QR codes fast and easily. High quality QR code symbols are generated without any special know-how. The user is supported by a data entry wizard: even QR codes for vCard and meCard business cards or QR codes for sending text messages are created in seconds.

Free Download

Download QR-Code Studio using this link. Versions for Microsoft Windows (Windows XP SP3 or later, Windows 8 is supported) and Mac OS X are available.

The software and the generated QR code images are free for private and non-commercial use.

Watch it - Share it!

Check out the video introductions for QR-Code Studio

German language video:

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About TEC-IT

QR-Code Blue (Image Mask)
QR Code as Image Mask
TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH provides high quality software in the areas of automated data acquisition and data collection, bar-coding, barcode extensions for ERP systems, label and form printing, report generators and output management. TEC-IT products are available for all major platforms, thus customers benefit from complete and versatile software solutions for all possible requirements. The company is located in Austria / Europe and can be reached via

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