Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New High-Grade Barcode Label Software

TFORMer Solves Demanding Label Requirements

+TEC-IT announces the brand new version of the barcode label design and printing software TFORMer. The product family TFORMer is comprised of the label design software TFORMer Designer and the easy-to-use printing tool TFORMer QuickPrint. If required, software developers integrate printing tasks by the means of TFORMer SDK into applications.

TFORMer version 7.5 offers numerous great enhancements: the label design process was improved significantly, additional compliance label templates were introduced, new 2D and postal bar code symbologies were added, and much, much more. Read on for the details and watch the introduction video:


The TFORMer package was optimized to cover challenging bar code labeling requirements. Check out the major enhancements:
    New User Interface of TFORMer Designer
    New Ribbon Menu
  • Ribbon Menu
    The new ribbon menu allows users to find, understand and to use commands more efficiently. Labels are designed and printed with a minimum number of clicks and without having to refer to the documentation.
  • Mini Toolbars
    When selecting text or barcode elements a handy mini toolbar is shown. Such toolbars help you to work with fonts, alignment, colors, styles and other common element properties.
  • Free Element Rotation
    Shapes, text objects, bar codes and images can now be rotated by any angle.
  • Snap Lines
    Elements snap now automatically to each other. Creating clean, aligned and structured layouts is fun.
  • New Barcodes
    Support for the new 2D symbologies Han Xin and DotCode and for the IMPB (USPS Intelligent Mail Package Bar Code) was added. 
  • Improved Tool for Manual Printing
    The software tool QuickPrint was rewritten from scratch. It offers label selection with categories, better data input, a live preview, PDF output and direct printing. Microsoft Windows is supported out of the box; if you need this label printing software for Mac OS X let us know!
  • New Label Templates
    TFORMer V7.5 extends the list of ready-to-use label templates. Compliance templates for the Bring Parcels Transport Label, the Coliposte Colissiomo Label, the Parcelforce Domestic Label and for the Caterpillar Standard Practice Labels SP20 V4.2 are available.
  • More Enhancements and Bug Fixes
    A better setup package for future in-place updates, improved date and time computations, a corrected Round() function, a better preview, etc.
Available Label Templates (Selection)

FREE Trial 

TFORMer Designer and TFORMer SDK are available for free evaluation. Download the demo
and enjoy an unlimited 10-day trial:

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