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Type or Scan: Barcode Keyboard for Android

Barcode Keyboard V2.0 - NEW!

We have done our homework! Barcode Keyboard V2.0 was redesigned from scratch and represents the ultimate timesaver!

TEC-IT's keyboard for Android is based on the current Google Keyboard as available in Android 4.0 or higher. In addition to the well-known basic keyboard functionality it offers integrated barcode scanner support. Using this keyboard you are able to key in information manually or - as a convenient alternative - to scan barcodes directly into any app.  Application switching or error-prone copy/paste is no longer required. The barcode-scanning functionality is available for most target apps without additional modifications.

Barcode Keyboard V2.0 for Android
Barcode Keyboard V2.0


Some exciting features of this innovative keyboard app:
Barcode Keyboard Guided Setup
Guided Installation
  • State-of-the-art keyboard layout
  • Voice recognition, suggestions, dictionaries, fast keyboard switching
  • Multi-language support
  • Guided installation
  • Configurable scanner keys
  • Quicktext (custom text modules) support
  • Integrated camera scanner (portrait, landscape, automatic)
  • Versatile licensing capabilities (Google Play licensing, online activation without a Google account, bulk licensing with license files based on device serial number),
  • Simple bulk configuration by files
  • Rule-based scanner behavior, adjustable initial keyboard layout
  • Using version 3.2 of the ZXing barcode scanner engine
  • External barcode scanner support


Barcode Keyboard V2.0 integrates seamlessly in current Android systems, a free demo is available for testing (the demo displays a nag dialog about every few scans). Please use one of these download links:

Basic Operation

Barcode Keyboard with Custom Scanner Keys
Extra Barcode Scanner Keys
Once the keyboard is installed the user is able to key-in text manually as usual. Advanced keyboard features like voice recognition, suggestions and dictionaries are available. Whenever the data of a barcode (e.g. an EAN or UPC product code, a QR-Code, ...) needs to be entered, just press one of the new barcode scanner keys. The camera scanner app is opened (default is the integrated scanner which is based on the ZXing barcode scanner engine), the barcode is decoded and the Barcode Keyboard enters the barcode data automatically into the current input field. No manual typing or annoying copy/paste is required.

Please note: Due to license restrictions gesture input (swiping) is not supported. The installation of add-on dictionaries is also not supported.

User Manual

Barcode Keyboard Installation

The guided default setup routine (e.g. Barcode Keyboard from Google Play) installs, enables and activates the Barcode Keyboard automatically. No additional steps are required by the user.

Please perform the following steps to re-enable the Barcode Keyboard if it was deactivated for some reasons:
  1. Navigate to Android Settings -- Language & input
  2. Tap on Current Keyboard and select Barcode Keyboard
For older Android versions you may need to navigate to Android Settings -- Language / keyboard, check Barcode Keyboard and confirm the security warning. After enabling the keyboard you need to adjust it as active input method: to do so, long-tap an input field until a menu appears. Select Input method and choose Barcode Keyboard.

Adjusting Keyboard Preferences

Barcode Keyboard Preferences
Versatile Options
Use one of the following methods to adjust the keyboard preferences:
- click on the cogwheel in Barcode Keyboard suggestion bar
- long-tap the comma key
- or open Android Settings -- Language & input and select Barcode Keyboard in the group Keyboard & input methods.

The preferences are divided into two separate sections: the preferences related to the Barcode Keyboard specific functionality and the common keyboard preferences.

Barcode Keyboard Preferences

  • Common
    Adjust common look and feel options: show, hide or define function keys for barcode scanning, settings and quicktext modules
  • Camera Scanner
    Adjust options to define the initial orientation of the scanner app, batch scanning parameters, flashlight and auto-focus options, supported linear and 2D barcode symbologies as well as the character set used for decoding barcodes.

    Of special interest are the so-called Simulation Rules. These rules define the behavior of the Barcodescanner Keyboard when used in combination with a specific target app. A Simulation Rule is used to match the requirements of a target app with respect to data prefixes, postfixes, cursor movement commands, control keys simulation (e.g. ENTER or CONFIRM after barcode), initial keyboard layout, shift-state and keystroke simulation mode.
  • Import/Export
    The Barcode Keyboard specific
     preferences can be exported to and imported from a file. To simplify mass deployment just place a BarcodeKeyboard.xml file in the Download folder. Whenever Barcode Keyboard is adjusted as active input method it checks for such a file, imports it, applies its settings and renames the file to BarcodeKeyboard.xml.imported thereafter. To learn about the required file format please perform an export to examine the generated file. 
  • About
    This section provides links to the user manual, tutorial videos, version and license information. A special version of the app (available on can be activated online using activation keys (online activation does not require a Google account!).

Common Preferences

The common settings allow the adjustment of the following options:
  • Languages
    Defines the supported languages and keyboard layouts. If Use system language is selected, the keyboard layout automatically matches the default language of your system. As an alternative, the required languages may be enabled separately.
  • Preferences
    Set preferences like auto-capitalizationdouble-space periodvibrate on keypress and sound on keypress.
  • Appearance & layouts
    Adjust options like the theme (e.g. Material Light) and custom input styles
  • Text correction
    Options for personal dictionaries, add-on dictionaries (add-on dictionaries are not working in the initial V2.0 release, this is a known limitation), block offensive wordsauto-correctionshow correction suggestionspersonalized suggestionssuggest contact names and next-word suggestions.
  • Advanced
    For advanced options like keypress vibration duration and keypress sound volume.

Video Tutorial

Shooting is underway...

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