Wednesday, March 1, 2017

NEW: Barcodescanner Keyboard V2.4.0 with simplified Auto Scan Function!

With TEC-IT’s Android soft-keyboard, you can scan barcodes into any app

The integrated camera barcode scanner can be opened with a single tap on a special key, the scanned bar-codes appear immediately – like entered manually - in the target app. With its improved automated barcode scanning function, Barcodescanner Keyboard is now much simpler to use!

The latest version of Barcodescanner Keyboard includes the following improvements:

•  Simplified Auto-Scan Function
   An initial barcode-scan to start the auto-scan feature is not required anymore 

•  New Android Keyboard
   Based on new Android Keyboard version LatinIME 7.1.1

•  New app icons 

•  Fix: improved stability, crash fixes

Download Barcodescanner Keyboard for Android at Google Play or directly from our website.

Please contact us for further information.