Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Scan Data Straight Into Word and Excel - Update

The newest release of Scan-IT to Office, TEC-IT's remote data collection and barcode scanner solution for Microsoft™ Office, now provides more unique features: in addition to barcode scanning, you can capture and send camera images, numbers and text fields immediately into Word documents or Excel spreadsheets! Any combination of these features is possible.
What's new?
  • Camera Image Support
    Take or browse pictures and send them immediately, without detours, to your Office documents (requires Office 2016 desktop version).
  • Quantities and Numeric Input
    Use Scan-IT to Office for applications like mobile inventory control and capture quantities or amounts as required.
  • Text Fields 
    Enter descriptions or notes on your mobile device and forward them straight into documents.
  • Predefined Input Forms
    Scan-IT to Office provides ready-to-use input forms for common data acquisition scenarios, just select the input form which best matches your requirements.
  • Custom Input Forms
    For specific requirements, we provide custom input forms (HTML5 based, additional functionality is easily integrated). Just contact us!
Just give it a try!
The iOS version of this app is now available in the AppStore, the Android version is coming soon. The corresponding Office add-in can be downloaded from the Microsoft AppSource store. In case of questions, please contact us.
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