Sunday, August 29, 2010

Software for Printing Shipping Labels: VDA, AIAG, GS1, Caterpillar, ...

Labeling Software Update

The recently updated barcode label printing and reporting software TFORMer Designer offers numerous templates for standard industry labels. These label templates eliminate label design efforts completely, they can be printed immediately with data provided by the user.

TFORMer Designer solves labeling requirements in an elegant way, just watch the following videos and learn in 90 seconds how easy compliance labeling can be:

HD-Video / English

HD-Video / German

Supported Label Templates (Partial)

  • AIAG B10 Master Label
  • AIAG B10 Mixed Label
  • AIAG B15 5 Inch Label
  • AIAG B15 7 Inch
  • AIAG B3 
  • AIAG B5 
  • AIAG Daimler Chrysler B10 Freightliner
  • AIAG Daimler Chrysler B10 Master
  • AIAG Daimler Chrysler B10 Mixed Load
  • AIAG Daimler Chrysler B10
  • Galia Label
  • Galia Galia Licence Plate
  • Galia Galia Renault
  • General Motors GM 1724 A
  • General Motors GM 1724 A KLT
  • General Motors GM 1724 B
  • General Motors GM 1724 C
  • General Motors GM GTL
  • General Motors GM GTL KLT
  • Global Transport Label GM GTL
  • Global Transport Label  GM GTL KLT
  • Global Transport Label  GTL BeloM
  • Global Transport Label  GTL BeloM A6
  • Global Transport Label  GTL BeloM KLT
  • Global Transport Label  GTL Master Detail
  • Global Transport Label  GTL Mixed Detail
  • MAT Datamatrix Label 100x40
  • MAT Datamatrix Label 110x40
  • MAT Datamatrix Label 120x60
  • MAT Datamatrix Label 70x48
  • MAT PDF417 Label 100x40
  • MAT PDF417 Label 120x60
  • MAT PDF417 Label 50x30
  • Odette Label
  • Siemens VDO Label
  • VDA Belom 4902 KLT
  • VDA Belom 4902
  • VDA 4902 
  • VDA 4902 KLT
  • VDA 4902 Stahl
  • VDA 4902 Version 3 4
  • VDA 4902 Version 4
  • VDA 4906
  • VDA 4912 
  • VDA 4922
  • VDA 4931
  • VDA 4939 Sendungsbeleg
  • VDA 4939 Transportbeleg
  • VDA 4994
  • GS1 Logistic Label Non standard heterogeneous
  • GS1 Logistic Label Non standard homogenous fixed
  • GS1 Logistic Label Non standard homogenous variable
  • GS1 Logistic Label Standard heterogeneous
  • GS1 Logistic Label Standard homogenous fixed
  • GS1 Logistic Label Standard homogenous one piece
  • GS1 Logistic Label Standard homogenous variabel
  • MIL-STD-129P MSL Generic Cargo
  • MIL-STD-129P MSL Unit Move
  • Caterpillar Master Pack Label
  • Caterpillar Mixed Load Label
  • Caterpillar Single Pack Label
  • Volkswagen VW GTL DE
  • Volkswagen VW VDA 4939 Sendungsbeleg
  • Volkswagen VW VDA 4939 Transportbeleg
  • etc

Free Download and Support

Test TFORMer Designer for free, download the demo version today (no registration required). In case of questions contact TEC-IT, support is available via email, phone and WebEx remote conferencing.

Friday, August 27, 2010

TBarCode/Embedded Update: Barcode Filter for SEH ISD400/ISD410 Appliances

Centralized, zero-maintenance bar code printing solution for your network!

From today a new version of the barcode print server solution TBarCode/Embedded for SEH ISD400 / ISD410 Print Spool Appliances is available for download.

The bar code generator software extends the ISD Print Spool Appliances from SEH with complete barcode printing functionality for PostScript- and PCL compatible printers.

Key advantages:
  • Centralized bar-code printing solution
  • Extensive bar code support (linear, 2D, Postal and GS1 DataBar Composite Barcodes) - based on TBarCode/X V9
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Seamless ISD integration
  • Complete printer independence
  • No Linux know-how required
  • Operates as spool filter
  • Works completely transparent to applications
  • Works with arbitrary ERP and legacy systems
Download TBarCode/Embedded for ISD400 / ISD410

Monday, August 23, 2010

Video: Android Bluetooth SPP Connectivity for All Apps

TEC-IT released a short video on YouTube which demonstrates the use of the Bluetooth Reader GetBlue.

You will learn how to configure GetBlue in order to be used as Bluetooth software wedge. The Bluetooth barcode scanner must be paired with your Android handset, then it is adjusted as input device for GetBlue. As data-sink (the target application for the scanned data) the GetBlue Keyboard is selected. Using this configuration  it is possible to inject captured barcode scanner data as virtual user input into each application.

See for yourself:

GetBlue acts as "middleware" between hardware and apps. Thus, each (legacy) Bluetooth bar code scanner supporting the serial port profile can be used.

The video quality is satisfying - but far away from perfect. We will produce a HD video with sound in the near future. In the meantime we are awaiting your video comments!

Many thanks!

Video: How to use Bluetooth Barcode Scanners with Android

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Barcode Maker Software: Barcode Studio V10

The new version of TEC-IT Barcode Studio - the popular barcode maker software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux or UNIX - is to be released shortly!

Barcode Studio V10 introduces bar code standard compliance by providing pre-defined barcode templates. If such a barcode template is selected, Barcode Studio loads all settings and presents the user a bar code image which meets all requirements of the respective standard. After the required bar code data was entered the barcode can be saved immediately as bitmap or vector image file. No parameters need to be adjusted, no barcode know how is required.

Currently 45 bar code templates are part of Barcode Studio:
  • Deutsche Post Premiumadress
  • Deutsche Post Pressepost Etikett
  • Deutsche Post Pressepost Randbeschriftung
  • EAN 13 (SC0, SC1, SC2, ..., SC8, SC9)
    SCn denotes the sizing mode of the bar code, EAN 13 SC0 stands for 82% of the default symbol size, the resulting symbol dimension is 30.51 x 21.25 mm
  • EAN 8 (SC0, SC1, SC2, ..., SC8, SC9)
  • UPC A (SC0, SC1, SC2, ..., SC8, SC9)
  • UPC E (SC0, SC1, SC2, ..., SC8, SC9)
Additional improvements:
  • New barcodes
    Barcode Studio now supports QR-Code 2005. This code is similar to QR-Code but uses the code page Latin1 (instead of Japanese Shift JIS) for character conversions. In addition, the two barcode-types SCANPAY Service-ID and SCANPAY Transaction-ID were implemented.
  • Persistent options
    Program options (Menu: Tools -> Options) are now saved in (and loaded from) an options file.
  • Improved Character Conversion
    Barcode Studio displays an error message if the data to be encoded cannot be converted to the specified code page. This is especially useful for encoding Simplified Chinese (or similar languages) in QR-Codes.
  • Check for Updates
    Barcode Studio can now check for newer version. Use the following menu command: Help -> Check for Updates...
Pricing, detailed descriptions and free downloads are available shortly from TEC-IT.

Online Barcode Generator 2.0

A few days ago TEC-IT published the updated version of the free online bar code generator. The user interface was revised completely and support for complex MECARD/VCARD business card barcodes as well as calendar barcodes was added.

This online barcode generator provides a very fast and responsive user interface utilizing some AJAX features. TBarCode SDK (a barcode generator software component developed and distributed by TEC-IT) is used on server-side for all barcode creation tasks.

Users are able to browse a list of supported barcode categories. Currently the categories linear barcodes, 2D bar codes, EAN / UPC, GS1 DataBar, ISBN bar codes, Postal codes, 2D codes for mobile tagging, MECARD and VCARD barcodes and calendar barcodes are available.

After selecting the required barcode symbology the barcode image is displayed immediately. Barcode parameters like module width and output resolution are adjustable. The created bar code images can be downloaded in various image formats.

The above mentioned MECARD and VCARD barcodes provide some very interesting possibilties: These 2D barcode formats are able to encode all contact details of a business card (e.g. name, address,  phone number, url, ...). When scanned with a smart-phone camera scanner (e.g. iPhone or Android devices) the contact details are detected and added to the  address book.

Finally so-called calendar barcodes (event barcodes) can be created online. Just enter the details of some event (description, start and end time), create the barcode, scan it with your smartphone - and voilá - a new calender entry is available (works fine with ZXing camera scanner on Android).

Just try it yourself: 2D Bar Code Generator